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RhinoSpike : Engelsk Recordings

RhinoSpike : Engelsk Recordings.

101 words about people:

Able, skillful, quick-witted, sharp, brainy, bright, brilliant, intelligent, smart – talented and clever.

Wise, mature, sensible, rational, reasonable – experienced and realistic.

Dull, dull/dim-witted, foolish, silly, stupid, dumb, narrow-minded – not very talented or clever.

Assertive, persistent, ambitious — direct, confident about one’s goals and words but sometimes stubborn.

Self-conscious, bashful, insecure, modest, shy, timid – not very confident.

Awkward, clumsy, touchy, vulnerable, obnoxious – uncoordinated, often ridiculed, easily-offended.
Miserable, pathetic – unhappy.

Affectionate, considerate, thoughtful, cooperative – caring about the needs of others -(Ant) egotistic, selfish.

Generous, grateful, benevolent, cheerful – lively and kind to other people.

Cruel, mean, evil, wicked, rude, rowdy, rough – (ant.) kind.

Candid, honest, faithful, loyal, reliable, responsible – true, real, trustworthy – (ant.) deceitful, sly, sneaky.

Arrogant, condescending, conceited, boastful, bossy, vain — looking down on other people.

Servile, subservient, obedient, compliant, docile, cautious, flexible — cooperative and easily manageable.

Courageous, daring, fearless, bold, undaunted – brave – (ant) cowardly.

Reckless, careless, easygoing . — lively not thinking about the consequences.

Diligent, efficient, hard-working, helpful, industrious — fond of qualitative work.

Grouchy, grumpy, petulant, truculent, naughty, jealous, greedy, stingy, spoiled – irritable and aggressive.