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Solar Thermal Tower – 3D Warehouse

Solar Thermal Tower

via Solar Thermal Tower – 3D Warehouse.

This thing is Massive, but completely passive in power generation. The principle is very simple, it is based on hot air rising. Essentially, what you have is a greenhouse surrounding a chimney. The sun heats the air under the glass / plastic, which then rises out the chimney. The air passes though turbines on the way out, which turns the generators, which make the electricity. The size of this model (just under 1000 meters tall and over 2 meters in diameter) allows for continued power generation at night. The Water in the central ring adds to the thermal mass, which allows 24 hour power generation. Something this sized would create 100-120MW. A couple added features on this model, the outer ring of the solar collector is an agricultural greenhouse, while the inner layer is a Solar Pond, which can be used for both desalination AND a few Rankine Cycle turbines for further electrical power. These 3 features, Power Generation, Agricultural, and Desalination, combine to create an ideal “oasis” for desert communities. Although the initial costs are steep, the lack of fuel and very low maintenance costs combined with the produce and water make it to be a very attractive proposal for Green Power in the desert belt of the Earth. More on Solar Updraft Towers: